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REMO CHEMICALS LTD is a technically enriched professional manufacturing company; producing various chemicals as pharmaceutical ingredients complying WHO-GMP guideline, under Drug Manufacturing License granted by the regulatory authority of People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The factory is located at 235, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208.

History of Remo

Brief History :
M. A. Mannan, the founder of Remo Chemicals Ltd. is a veteran freedom fighter, a chemist, who left his chemistry class of the University in March 1971 to join the liberation war. After victory in the war he returned to the classroom to complete his study course B.Sc.(Hons.) & M.Sc. in chemistry. He proposed his classmate N. A. Sayeda who is also B.Sc.(Hons) & M.Sc. in chemistry to be life partner in achieving a noble goal to make the hardly owned newly liberated independent Bangladesh self- dependent. Sayeda agreed & they two started the mission in 1977 in their kitchen with kitchen utensils as equipment, Tk.350.00 as capital. M. A. Mannan acquired practical experience simultaneously in a British Pharmaceutical Industry & research experience leading to M.Phil. & Ph.D. degree course in BCSIR Laboratory & Dhaka University, under National Council of Science & Technology (NCST) & University Grants Commission (UGC) Scholarship. He is a Grade-A registered Pharmacist.

Perspective :
Thousands type of chemicals are being produced and used in the modern civilized world, among which Bangladesh is producing only a few. Almost all sorts of chemicals are being imported from outside the country, to meet the national requirement, at the expense of huge valuable foreign currency. In spite of being a thirsty sector in the country, entrepreneurs are rarely interested in the basic chemical field, because of its technological deficiency. Enterprising attitude along with technological expertise and experience are essential prerequisites to succeed in this field.

Vision :
On the above perspective, Remo has taken a pioneering role to play in this vacant field of chemical in the country. In spite of strong determination, considering inadequate equipment & capital, with empty hand, the policy was to identify simple molecules having market demand, can be produced in smaller scale in the kitchen, using common kitchen facilities, applying fundamental chemical principle.

Mission :
Remo has developed manufacturing technology of more than one hundred basic chemicals, during last forty years, all these have been proved to be of satisfactory quality for use as raw materials in wide range commodities. Remo has been producing basic industrial chemicals with the permission from the Investment Board of Bangladesh, since 1984. Considering special interest and need of pharmaceutical industry, Remo has been producing about thirty pharmaceutical grade chemicals under the Drug Manufacturing License as granted by the Directorate General of Drug Administration, Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh, since 1999. Almost all of the leading pharmaceutical companies of the country have been using these chemicals as the import substitute raw materials for their quality products. Bangladesh now exporting medicine, which makes Remo’s chemical products more prospectful. Remo now is working with a master plan to establish factory for large scale production of wide range inter-related products. Manufacturing technology of drug molecule is completely different from formulation drug. Unique physical & chemical property of each typical molecule demand different manufacturing technology for different molecule. But suitable machinery of appropriate capacity is not readily available in the market. On this backdrop, from the very beginning Remo has been practicing appropriate innovative technological idea in developing & fabricating essential machinery equipment in its own workshop, matching with manufacturing demand. Starting material selection and purification process for each molecule is also important. Research and development is the key function for overcoming problems and achieving the best. Achievement of Remo is based on continuous research and development for appropriate technology.

Goal :
Ultimate goal of Remo is to establish a research oriented foundation, where knowledge based productive work will lead the mankind, to achieve morals and prosperity.